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What it all become.

Event Organizing

Company, Educational, Non-profit Events

We put heart and knead ideas onto the stage and halls. Gathering cheers and awe to the next level. Because we like to inspire people through imagination.


Curatorial And Event Moderator

CEO, Executives, Professional Speakers

SENTRA BY WARP, Dec 2022 - Jul 2023

Workshop & Talkshow Organizer, & Market Event Management.
tumbue.ai as Community Partner

KIDFEST 2022, Sentra by WARP

Event Documentation and Assistant
tumbue.ai as Community Partner

Scholarship Submission 2022, 2020

Zoom Host and Documentation
Client: Yayasan Sosial Budaya Surabaya Union Club

ESG Now Asia, Indonesia Startup Champs 2021

Event MC, Media Promotion and Press
Client: Story G

TED Circles hosted by RADIANTISM

Event organizer

Self Branding Talks “Empower & Present Your Best Self!” 2019

Speaker Curation and Stage Management
Client: BEM Keluarga Mahasiswa Psikologi Universitas Airlangga

Expert Talk “Bold and Brilliant” 2019

Speaker Curation, MC, and Stage Management
 Petra Career Center, Petra Christian University

Alumni Talk 2019​

Speaker Curation, MC, and Stage Management
Client: Petra Career Center, Petra Christian University

Digital Marketing

Web Design, Social Media, Press and News

Using lens of creative thinking and customer behavior, we connect people through brand. Like a wise man said,
It’s easier to love a brand when the brand loves you back”

– Seth Godin


Creative Production

Campaign, Videography, Reels


Translation And Live Interpreter

English – Chinese – Indonesian
International Speakers, Documents, Mobile Application, Video Subtitling

TEDxSurabaya 2022

English Copywriting, Reels, TEDx Talk Video Production, Event Playbook, Mascot, and Merchandise Design.
tumbue.ai as Funding and Supporting Partner

Sentra by WARP
Sentra by WARP, Dec 2022 - JUL 2023

@sentrabywarp Social Media Strategist, Reels, Event Poster Design, & English Copywriting.
tumbue.ai as Community Partner

Global Shapers Surabaya IG
Global Shapers Surabaya, Oct 2022 - FEB 2023

@globalshapersby Social Media Strategist, Creative Design, English-Indonesian Copywriting, and App Developer.
tumbue.ai as Activation and Supporting Partner

Monster Group 2023

Company Profile in Simplified Chinese Translation

G-Center School
G-Center School 2022

2022 Student Dance Recital Yearbook Design

Omah Medang
Omah medang 2022

Branding Design and Storytelling

TED-Ed AND TEDx Talks translation

English-Indonesian Transcriber and Translator

Chinese Song "Gongxi Gongxi" by Elyon Mandarin Course Satelit Students 2021

Video Editing Production

ESG Now Asia, Indonesia Startup Champs 2021

Media Coverage at Times Indonesia and Media Startup
Client: Story G

TEDxJalanTunjungan 2021

Video Production.
tumbue.ai as Supporting Partner

TEDxJalanTunjungan 2020

Pre-Event Concept and Host
RADIANTISM as Funding and Supporting Partner

Clubhouse Social Audio Mobile Application 2020

English-Indonesian Localization Reviewer, Clubhouse Indonesia Townhall Translator.

Perkumpulan Hwie Tiauw Ka Surabaya​

htksby.com Developer

IDN Times Apps Release Update 2021

Indonesian – Simplified Chinese Translator

Jia Hua Study in China And Travel Service 2014 - 2019

Chinese-Indonesian Live Interpreter and Study Tour

Humane Society International Animal Welfare International Seminar 2015

English – Chinese Live Interpreter

Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board Taiwan Journalists Visitation 2015

Indonesian – Chinese Live Interpreter

Merchandise & Gifts

Organic, Recycle, Creative

Our curated gifts consist of people, concern, and sustainability. Pour in prime quality ingredients. Thus prolong the lifetime and memorable.

Totebag and Merchandise Design
Omah Medang
handcraft and green products

Tire Recycling Bags and Pouch

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