About Us

How it all begin here.

Our Story

We had no intention of starting a business. We started working with non-profit events because of our mutual love for “ideas worth spreading.”

If you’ve ever attended one of our footprints in Indonesia, you know we love to make things with attention to detail, watch new relationships develop, and encourage creativity. We met in Surabaya, were born and raised in Surabaya, started working together, and turned hobbies into community and profession.

Our passion lies in elevating ordinary products into extraordinary experiences. Initially, we did this anonymously, then became known as RADIANTISM, and continued to grow as tumbue.ai

tumbue.ai is making us very lucky to curate more talented people, organize mindfulness event discussions in Indonesia, and work remotely with global citizen.

Effective Management

Our work installment works like a magic!

Stakeholder Preposition

Understanding your value propositions to achieve the goal.

Creative Understanding

Take imaginative designs and amplify results to beyond

Our Specialties

Using all essential senses, we design to build community and foster creative collaboration. We hustle for Indonesia and to showcase its amazing idea-makers to the world. We hustle to be Surabaya’s mind-trigger. And above all, we hustle to inspire and connect people. There is something magical about that.

Event Organizing

Company / Educational /
Non-profit Events

our signature event: Ruang tumbue
Curatorial and Event Moderator

CEO / Executives / Professionals

Blm tau mau diisi apa

Meet The Director of tumbue.ai

We have joy, we have fun, we have simplicity in the sun. The hills that we climb are seasons out of time. To dig is what we really like to do. It ain’t no trick to get results quick.


Janice Budihartono